MooseFS performance scores high on InfiniBand Network

November 24th, 2017 | Sapna Suhag


Dear MooseFS Users,

We are excited to announce that tests were successfully conducted by Core Technology in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at University of Warsaw, to check the performance of MooseFS over IPoIB configuration, demonstrating throughput numbers in single client and distributed setup environments. These tests were performed with MooseFS 4.0 software version but the results are also achievable with MooseFS 3.0.92+ version.

The tests show that MooseFS distributed file system is able to achieve very good performance with IPoIB protocol. Also, we get to understand that the best performance can be achieved using at least 4 threads and block size of at least 64k. Block size is a very important aspect of TCP/IP network communication, especially for random operations.

The gathered data shows that not in all cases, increasing the number of threads increases MooseFS client performance. When we use block sizes greater than 128k the performance of sequential and random read/write does not increase more. However, increasing the number of threads very quickly leads to maximum throughput for sequential read and write. Also, random read performance increases up to 12 threads for 2048k blocks and is linear for 16k block in whole test range from 1 to 16 threads.

All the results were achieved with IPoIB configuration. Native IB throughput achieved in such a setup is unparalleled. All tests proved that storage based on MooseFS with InfiniBand network was able to provide exceptional performance. MooseFS network defined storage is a perfect solution for HPC environment. The optimal power of MooseFS is noticeable with parallel operations on many distributed MooseFS clients. This is indeed a very good news for all the MooseFS users!

For more information, please click here: MooseFS performance scores high on InfiniBand network.