Install: MacOS X


If you already upgraded your Chunkservers to v. 3.0.83 or higher, please DO NOT downgrade them!

In MooseFS Chunkserver v. 3.0.83 we changed Chunk header from 5k to 8k (see changelog) - it means, that Chunkserver older than 3.0.83 cannot "understand" new Chunk header, which may lead to potential data loss!

It's possible to run all components of the system on Mac OS X systems, but most common scenario would be to run the client (mfsmount) that enables Mac OS X users to access resources available in MooseFS infrastructure.

In case of Mac OS X - since there's no default package manager - we release .pkg files containing only binaries without any startup scripts, that normally are available in Linux packages.

To install MooseFS CE on Mac please follow the steps:

  1. Download and install FUSE for Mac OS X package from:

  2. Download and install MooseFS packages from:

You should be able to mount MooseFS filesystem in /mnt/mfs issuing the following command:

$ sudo mfsmount -H /mnt/mfs

If you've exported filesystem with additional options like password protection you should include those options in mfsmount invocation as in documentation.

Running the system

After first successful installation the system needs basic configuration. You can find more details on running the system in Documentation section available from tabs at the top of the page.

Update from previous versions

Before MooseFS 2.0.x installation the packages from 1.6.x/1.7.x should be uninstalled without removing metadata information. It is strongly advised to backup the metadata before the update.

Once the system is running with version 2.0.x the normal update procedure from package manager should work.

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