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2016-07-23 IMPORTANT Changes in MooseFS repository structure Dear MooseFS Users, we'd like to inform you, that we decided to change our repository structure....Read more 2016-06-08 MooseFS 3.0.77 Stable Release. Dear MooseFS Users, We are excited to announce that today we have released the stable version of MooseFS 3.0.77 (Pro and Community). With MooseFS 3.0.77 release we introduce great new features:...Read more 2016-02-08 MooseFS GitHub Project Dear MooseFS Users, We are extremely pleased to announce, that MooseFS has been released on GitHub. ...Read more 2015-04-03 MooseFS 3.0 Easter Edition! Dear MooseFS Community, A new version of MooseFS is coming to you on Easter with some new exciting features and specially built packages for "MooseFS 3.0 Easter Edition for Raspberry Pi 2" running on Raspbian Wheezy :) ...Read more
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