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2015-03-20 MooseFS 2.0.60-1 released and back on GPL license

Dear MooseFS Community,

We are very excited to announce that MooseFS is back on GPL license.

From now on the MooseFS naming convention and licensing changes, so MooseFS CE (Community Edition) will now be referred to as MooseFS.

MooseFS 2.0.60 (previously named CE) released today and all upcoming releases will be licensed under GPLv2. The change is our response to the feedback that we have got from the community after moving to proprietary license while introducing version 2.x.

MooseFS PRO name and licensing will stay unchanged.

Version 2.0.60 is the most stable and reliable release of 2.x branch and becomes a natural bridge to version 3.x planned to be released later this month.

Best Regards, MooseFS Team

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