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MooseFS is breakthrough concept in the storage industry. It allows to combine data storage and data processing in one unit with extremely high ROI. On this innovative basis we provide implementation and support for your operations as well as professional services and expert advisory in storage solutions.

Our product is used in our own business - we gather and process over 150 000 events per second, 24 hours and 7 days a week. Therefore any solution we present to our customers is tested in this real-life environment.

Our company was established over 10 years ago. During that time our product was mastered to perfection to combine considerable savings with enormous reliability and great performance. We are focus to deliver optimal solutions - which is widely recognized by our community all over the world. As we wanted to share our great invention we decided to release GPL version - available for FREE to anyone. We also offer Professional version for enterprises that need cutting edge solutions and reasonable price. Our customers no longer have to choose between investing money and reliable base for their business.

Headquarter in US:

Core Technology, Inc.
57 West 57th Street,
New York City,
New York, 10019
phone: +1 646 416 7918

Headquarter in Poland:

Core Technology Sp. z o.o.
61A Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych
04-028 Warsaw / Poland
phone: +48 22 390 90 90

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Core Technology 57 West 57th Street,
New York City,
New York, 10019
Tel: +1 646-416-7918
Fax: +1 646-416-8001
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