Our clients say

“Our company got familiar with MooseFS at the time when company’s infrastructure started to grow in size exponentially. As more and more virtual servers were introduced the more public cloud limitations we faced. One of the most frustrating disadvantages was SAN storage failures and worse than expected I/O performance. We made a decision that we would better off by using Infrastructure as a Service solution where we would have self-support and decision-making possibilities. Our choice was a Hyperconvergent server solution combining computation, network and storage into a defined hardware units – something like a big-scale hyper modules. This enabled infrastructure to become hot- swappable set of elements with minimal downtime and highest fault tolerance and also greatly simplified scalability of the whole system.

In order to implement such vision, we had to choose a proper storage software which played a major role in this scenario, however most of the current modern solutions have one or more critical disadvantages in elements we took into consideration – they either lack in area of performance, high- availability, scalability or the cost. As an IT engineer I was really surprised that MooseFS was the best choice in the market after trying out and comparing multiple well-known enterprise-level solutions as it was certainly the easiest to implement, most flexible (especially for having ability to have different type of drives on each hardware unit), most tolerant to faults (f.e. unexpected power-offs), and self- recovering meaning that maintenance was a trouble-free process. I am also pleased that each new hardware unit brought into infrastructure increases the overall performance this way showing a great potential in scalability. Last but not least, I really enjoyed having great support on MooseFS and having every one of my question answered in a swift and detailed manner even before buying the actual product – a thing I never expected to find after many frustrating years dealing with corporate “premium” support lines.

So far, our choice for MooseFS seems a right decision as we have achieved the goal we desired – to have an infrastructure of high performance, redundancy and easy maintenance while keeping cost-efficiency in mind. I can honestly recommend MooseFS, especially from the perspective of IT engineer as it over-delivered my expectations and is an example of software done right.”

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Hotelston Ltd. uses MooseFS since: 2018

“We have about 1000 webinars per day and of course our clients want to see their events recorded. For us it means lots of media files should be stored for on-demand watching. We have tried many solution but got REAL stable results with MooseFS only.

We have tested MooseFS cluster two weeks. We have placed and then read almost 100 millions small media files… And MooseFS has passed all our tests well after tries to break it. We got no luck, MooseFS got respect! Thank you guys for great product!

MyOwnConference team”

Akovana LLC uses MooseFS since: 2018

“We started deploying MooseFS Pro as a Distributed File System on all our storage servers. This eliminated the Single Point of Failure we previously had, as now copies of each data block resides on multiple servers. With this new storage model we not only have redundancy within each server via mirrored disks, but we also have redundancy at the server level, meaning that an entire server can fail without loss of data access. Furthermore, in case of a power outage, the recovery time is lowered to mere minutes instead of hours or days.

Furthermore, this model allows us to add storage capacity on the fly, set higher redundancy (ability to store more than two copies of the data) and also distribute our data geographically in order to mitigate against local problems or to meet new regulations – EU data could reside in a EU server and be served locally.

We are now ready to grow on much more solid foundations and although it was a challenging past few months, it was definitely worth the effort!”

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PolarisMail Inc. uses MooseFS since: 2018

“For data storage, Dedikam uses MooseFS, a robust, stable, redundant and high-performance file system. MooseFS is distributed under two types of license, open source GPL and a PRO version. Dedikam uses the Pro version, which makes it possible to have a system in high availability.

MooseFS checks the integrity of the files by a hashing algorithm and constantly checks the different nodes of the cluster to correct any type of anomalies. All Dedikam data is at least double replicated. If a hard disk or server fails, the data is automatically replicated to other servers and hard disks. Thus, user data is always available even in case of hardware failure. MooseFS makes it easy to add additional disk space (adding a server or hard drive) without any downtime.

The MooseFS team is very professional and responsive. In case of a technical problem, there is always a competent person to assist us or help us to find a solution quickly. We have been using this solution for 10 years so we can say that the system is reliable, robust and secure.

Integrity and security of data is fully assured with the MooseFS file system. We are very satisfied.”

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Dedikam uses MooseFS since: 2008

Michaël Bihary,  Owner   DediKam

“Ipla is the Internet TV broadcaster streams on-demand content 24/7. It’s possible with the underlying MooseFS storage build with commodity hardware. We appreciated that the system is ready for unexpected peaks with its parallel, distributed design. The show must go on”

Ipla uses MooseFS since: 2008

Grzegorz Janczura,  Director of the Internet Projects   ipla

“Our core business relies on MooseFS since 2005. We keep a long history of internet traffic which is more than 5.5 Petabytes of data as for now. Our storage grows with 300000 events as second. With MooseFS we are sure our customers get their reports on time.”

Gemius SA uses MooseFS since: 2005

Marek Robak, PhD,  Head of IT Operations   Gemius SA

“As a researcher I need to deal with large sets of 3D points clouds. Hell of data. MooseFS helps me handle them, I can verify my ideas and algorithms efficiently. Atomic snapshots rocks! In addition I’m sure my work results are safe.”

Mandala Robotics uses MooseFS since: 2017