Now you can install MooseFS in standard way using your favorite package manager on one of the following platforms using officially supported repository:

We also successfully compiled MooseFS from sources on OpenIndiana Hipster.


If you already upgraded your Chunkservers to v. 3.0.83 or higher, please DO NOT downgrade them!

In MooseFS Chunkserver v. 3.0.83 we changed Chunk header from 5k to 8k (see changelog) - it means, that Chunkserver older than 3.0.83 cannot "understand" new Chunk header, which may lead to potential data loss!

Repository branches

Our repository contains two branches: moosefs-3 and moosefs-2.

moosefs-3 moosefs-2
MooseFS available version:  3.0.97-1  2.0.91-1

moosefs-3 branch is a default and you don't need to make any changes in default URL ( If you want to use moosefs-2 branch, you just need to replace moosefs-3 with moosefs-2 after and before apt, yum, freebsd or osx, so URL will look like:[rest of the url]

There is also possibility to use version number instead of "branch" if you want to decide exactly which version of MooseFS you want to upgrade to (e.g. 3.0.88-1):[rest of the url]
If you want to use this option, please remember you need to manually change version number on each server to newer one before doing an upgrade.

MooseFS Professional

MooseFS Pro is also available from the repositories in binaries, but to run it the appropriate license key is needed.

If you're interested in testing the PRO version of MooseFS please contact us using a web form or write an email at We will be glad to issue demo license and answer any questions about the product.


More detailed documentation for the product can be found in Documentation section available from tabs at the top of the page.

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