Appreciation from MooseFS open-source user

February 17th, 2023 | MooseFS Team

Last week we received an e-mail of thanks from one of MooseFS open-source version users and valuable GitHub contributor, Tianon. Tianon expressed his gratitude for the continuation of MooseFS development as open-source software:

Hey, there’s nothing urgent here, and no need to even reply — I just know this job is often really thankless, and I really, really appreciate your team, your company, and your product/project. I’m thrilled that you’re doing well enough to continue maintaining it and that we continue to get the benefits of those fixes in the excellent open source project. 🙇💕

Our whole MooseFS team was delighted to receive this appreciation of our job. We are passionate about MooseFS, and we believe that developing open-source software in cooperation with our community serves both users and our company and leads to creation of a trustworthy and reliable product.

By the way, we would like to inform you that we are currently working on MooseFS 4.x open-source version. It will take some time as source code creation is time-consuming, but be patient!

MooseFS open-source version is well-suited for individual users and small organizations. However, when it comes to more prominent entities, such as public institutions and business companies, we are well aware that they may have different needs. Bigger organizations require solutions tailored to a larger scale and end users’ specific needs. To those users, we dedicate MooseFS Pro, a licensed and technically supported professional version of our software. Of course, your data are equally safe in both versions, the open-source and the professional one of MooseFS.

Thank you,
MooseFS Team