MooseFS 3.0.100 Stable Release

Dear MooseFS Users,

We are proud to announce, that MooseFS 3.0.100 has been released as stable today! This version includes support of Debian 9 (Stretch) and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, as well as many other crucial fixes.

Please find a complete list of changes since MooseFS 3.0.97 below:

  • MooseFS 3.0.100-1 (2018-01-24)
    • (cs) fixed rare segfault during chunk sending to master after disconnection
    • (mount) added thread for cleaning released files with delay
    • (mount) added assertion for lru cache (sustained open files)
    • (master+mount) added chunks data cache invalidation after chunkserver disconnection and reconnection
    • (mount) changed (lowered) number of connection retries (depends on I/O retry counter)
  • MooseFS 3.0.99-1 (2017-11-23)
    • (master) disconnect all clients when exports has changed
    • (mount) do not show message about ‘negative travel time’ when the measured time is zero (happens in virtual machines)
    • (all) fixed get16bit function on big-endian machines
  • MooseFS 3.0.98-1 (2017-10-12)
    • (mount) changed default cache mode on OS X from ‘direct’ to ‘auto’ due to problems with mmap
    • (cgiserv) added seteuid to ‘mfs’ or ‘nobody’
    • (cs+tools) use readdir instead of readdir_r on glibc 2.24+
    • (debian) added support for systemd in debian packages
    • (all) fixed library dependencies (for libpcap, libz and libm)
    • (mount) fixed race between defered ‘open’ and ‘locks’
    • (master) more chunk debugs and better handling chunk status change
    • (cs) fixed handling mark for removal (after reload sometimes cs could send chunks marked for removal as normal chunks)
    • (master) added file with metadata checksums (for future use)
    • (master) fixed way of sending gids to changelog/follower
    • (master) added inode checksum for some changes sent to changelog/follower
    • (metadump) added ‘0x’ prefix for fileds dumped as hex numbers
    • (master) fixed ACL mask synchronization issues (restoring from changelog/leader->follower)

You can also find a list of all changes in MooseFS 3 on GitHub.

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Best regards,
MooseFS Support Team