MooseFS showcases good performance on Docker!

October 21st, 2017 | Sapna Suhag


Dear MooseFS Users,

There is one exciting news for all the MooseFS users that MooseFS showcases good performance on Docker containers. So, this means our customers can now deploy MooseFS easily using Docker containers.The tests were performed with Docker 1.13 and MooseFS 4.0 software version but the results are also achievable with MooseFS 3.0.92+ version.

We conducted a test, in which MooseFS was run on Docker to check whether rapid deployment of MooseFS can be achieved or not using Docker.The setup consisted of 10 servers, one as client, two as master servers and seven machines as chunk servers. All the machines were connected in ring topology using Intel I350 Gigabit Network Connection cards.

The experiments showed us how the use of containers affected the performance of MooseFS storage cluster. Results show us that containerized storage is 5-10% slower than bare metal setup. Although, for speed-critical systems, it is recommended to use bare metal installation.However, the Docker based setup is recommended, for first steps with MooseFS to quickly run on any operating system supported by Docker.

Such a setup, can also be used to test MooseFS features. Using this configuration one can test MooseFS POSIX compatibility, redundancy and other features.

For more information, read here: MooseFS showcases good performance on Docker!

Best Regards,
MooseFS Team