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2015-04-03 MooseFS 3.0 Easter Edition!

Dear MooseFS Community,

A new version of MooseFS is coming to you on Easter with some new exciting features and specially built packages for "MooseFS 3.0 Easter Edition for Raspberry Pi 2" running on Raspbian Wheezy :)

Among many updates and fixes, that are laboriously listed in source packages change log, here’s a quick view on most important changes and new features:

- Added new functionality for Storage Tiering (possibility to assign labels to chunkservers and use those labels in mfssetgoal expressions when defining policies for storing, keeping and archiving data),

- Performance improvement for small file random I/O due to the new semantics for close() system call, which now by default has the same behaviour as on any local Linux/FreeBSD filesystem,

- Support for global locks compatible with POSIX locks and flock() advisory lock mechanism when using fuse 2.9+.

Simple test of unpacking complete source tree for latest Linux kernel (more than 50k objects with cumulative size of more than 630 MB when unpacked) shows 100% speed improvement when going from MooseFS version 2.0.x to version 3.0.x.

Be sure to check the documentation on new storage tiering feature and installation instructions at

Best regards, MooseFS Team

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