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2016-09-12 IMPORTANT Changes in MooseFS repository structure

Dear MooseFS Users,

we'd like to inform you, that we decided to remove current and stable repository symlinks. Starting from Monday, September 19, 2016 the only way to install / update MooseFS is to use a new repository structure announced previously and described in DOWNLOAD tab and subpages:

(examples below are based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

deb trusty main
--> this entry points to the newest stable, production-recommended MooseFS 3.0.x version

deb trusty main
--> this entry points to the newest stable MooseFS 2.0.x version

Of course it is still possible to control MooseFS version in the repository URL, i.e. use version number instead of moosefs-3 or moosefs-2:

deb trusty main
--> the entry above will still work and at the moment we don't plan to change it.

We decided to remove stable instead of changing it to moosefs-3, because we are not able to inform all MooseFS Users about this change (and this change may have influence on Users' MooseFS instances, as we noticed previously). We hope, that error returned by package manager while trying to update information about available packages will be the best information to check valid repository entries on

Best regards,
Peter / MooseFS Team

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